What is BrainRouting?

Become who you really are
by intensively training your brain

Become who you really are
by intensively training your brain

High tech, high touch, high impact

Be More You has developed the BrainRouting method, using developments from neuroscience and combining them with executive coaching. With the goal of strengthening your personal leadership.   

High tech: we measure your brain activity and train your brain using this objective data.   

High touch: your coach ensures that you get the most out of the training, translates the technical data into understandable language and makes sure you translate it into your daily life.   

High impact: the combination of brain training and executive coaching provides a fundamental step in your personal leadership. 

The influence of your brain

Your brain has a strong influence on how you feel about yourself, how you perceive the world, and how you behave. Just think about what hormones do to an adolescent brain, and you will understand what we are talking about.... 

Conversely, your personal experiences also leave their mark on your brain. For example, a smell you associate with a special person. Similarly, if you cringe at a dominant parent, you may find yourself reacting similarly to people who exhibit even slight dominance. 

Thus, your brain influences your life, and vice versa, your life influences your brain. 

Why do we train your brain? 

We all develop our own personal preferred pathways in our brains. These are neural pathways that become deeply ingrained and influence our typical ways of doing things. 

But what happens when you want to grow and develop yourself further? Well, those deeply ingrained neural pathways can often hinder our progress. You might resolve to do something differently, but in practice, you still find yourself falling back into old habits. 

That's why training our brains holds so much added value: by actively engaging in new activities or learning experiences, we create new pathways while simultaneously making the old ones less accessible. This process allows us to let go of patterns that no longer serve us and truly evolve." 

How do we train your brain?

You indicate before the training which developmental desire you have. We measure your brain activity and make sure that we train that which helps you further. The training is individual and completely tailored to your needs.   

During the training you sit relaxed in a chair and watch a movie with a few sensors on your head. The sensors measure your brain activity and, based on this information, you receive continuous feedback on the screen while watching the movie. As a result, your brain discovers how to take the step you've been wanting to take for so long. 

Benefits of BrainRouting 

  • Individual: During your training, you work 1-on-1 with your coach, who provides ultimate customization. 

  • To measure is to know: We work with objective data; clear, transparent, and inescapable. 

  • Effective: Your brain continuously receives targeted, objective feedback, allowing you to learn much faster than usual. 

  • Playful discovery: You practice in an environment where you can experiment a lot and safely. 

  • Increased awareness: The objective data show reactions of which you were not yet aware. 

  • Concrete result: You know what you want to develop and also discover here how to actually do it. 

Comfortable, concrete and compact   

Our training locations are situated within a countryside estate, surrounded by nature, ensuring complete relaxation. You'll dine and rest at our location, allowing you to fully concentrate on your development process.

The compact and intensive nature of our training sessions enhances their impact, deepening the overall effect.

BrainRouting delves to the core, providing depth, and thanks to its playful approach, it's also enjoyable to participate in! 

Personal leadership

Personal leadership involves how you navigate life's challenges. It's about maintaining composure, even in difficult circumstances, and not letting external factors dictate your actions. Instead, you proactively choose how to respond, guided by your inner compass.

With an open mind and a clear understanding of your strengths, you take control of your life, actively shaping it rather than simply reacting to it. In essence, personal leadership is the art of living! 

How does BrainRouting strengthen my personal leadership?   

Personal leadership begins with maintaining inner peace, which also involves peace within your brain. 

Daily life often disrupts this peace more than we realize, whether due to stimuli overload, work pressure or other stressors. This disruption can leave you feeling tense, stressed, frustrated or otherwise off balance. Unfortunately, when peace is lost, so is personal leadership. 

By restoring balance in your brain, BrainRouting helps you regain peace and control, thus restoring your personal leadership. It guides you in discovering how to regain peace and take control once again. 

It's like taking on a different perspective and being able to look at things you would normally form quick opinions about from a different angle.

For me, this means fewer judgments, fewer assumptions, and being less strict with myself and others.

Marit Op de Beek 

Marit Op de Beek

I was desperately in need of more focus. My thoughts were scattered, and I found it nearly impossible to concentrate for long periods. However, during the program at Be More You, I discovered a 'button' that allowed me to switch off all the restlessness. For the first time in my life, I experienced a calm head. That 'button' has stayed with me, and now I can easily 'turn on' my focus. It's worth its weight in gold.

Aartjan van Erkel  
Two-time author
best selling
management book
of the year

Tweevoudig auteur bestverkochte managementboek v/h jaar

The training has opened up paths I didn't know existed.

Now, I am more in tune with my feelings, and I can trust them. With this newfound trust, I am charting my own course towards balance and happiness 

Cecile Arnold  
Interim Manager

Hospitality Group

Interim Manager bij Hospitality Group

It has helped reduce tension in activities outside my comfort zone.

I now approach unfamiliar tasks with more confidence and curiosity, even if they're not immediately 'my cup of tea.' There's sometimes a healthy tension, but that's okay.

Eva Visser
Advisor Sector Institute
Transport and Logistics

Eva Visser // Sectorinstituut Transport en Logistiek

There is a huge difference between my life before and after my Be More You training. I now experience the quality of 'living in the now,' whereas before, I was mostly preoccupied with yesterday and tomorrow. I notice that this different approach leads to a totally different energy and results. Everyone benefits: my partners, our clients, and myself!

David de Kock
Founder of 

365 days succesful

David de Kock

In retrospect, the training exceeded all expectations. It's incredibly valuable to gain insight into your own way of thinking through brain training. Additionally, this training teaches you to deal with situations much more consciously, enabling me to navigate opportunities and pitfalls more efficiently.

Rico Schilt
Operational director 

Rico Schilt